Graphic designer - at your service!

Sep. 20th, 2017 06:50 pm
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Sometimes I love being a graphic designer, especially went it comes to freelance jobs my co-workers frequently come to me for. Case in point - a gal at the office is getting married in three days and just now realized she was missing all of this signage she needed for the reception, thank you cards and a poem for her father. She came to me in a panic, wanting to throw money at me to do everything for her. “Whatever you want to charge me! I don’t care! Can you do this??” One day and $150 later, she had it all. And I’ve got extra spending money in my pocket! Win-win!

Happy Birthday, little one!

Sep. 19th, 2017 07:14 am
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Happy 5th Birthday, Bean! You were the runt of your litter and the only one not adopted at the shelter because you were tiny and a bit sickly. But when you reached through the bars of the cage and grabbed the brim of my hat, you grabbed my heart. And now look at the pretty, healthy girl you are, causing us plenty of mischief on a daily basis! :-) And you finally grew into those ears! LOL!

The Great Vancouver 2017 Adventure

Sep. 7th, 2017 08:41 am
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And here are some photos from the four days I spent in Vancouver, Canada after coming back from the Alaska cruise. We did a hop-on-hop-off trolley tour, went to Stanley Park and Prospect Point, Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain (where I went zip-lining!)

The Great Alaska 2017 Adventure

Sep. 7th, 2017 08:39 am
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Hey guys! I’m baa-aack! Did ya miss me? :-)

My cruise to Alaska was AMAZING! Simply breathtaking. Now I understand why everyone who goes just loves it. I would go back in a heartbeat!

I barely had any internet connection the entire two weeks, so I couldn’t get anything posted here, so here are some of my favorite photos from Alaska I went dog sledding, took a floatplane ride and a canoe trip out to the base of a glacier, among many other things!




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